Company History

Cameratron-Bruma (“the Company”) was started from humble beginnings. The company Cameratron initially founded as Tektronic was established in 1990. The initial focus of the company was the alarm sector of the security business. As the industry advanced and new options became available we moved into the CCTV market. Our brand of “Cameratron” products has become a famous brand locally, renowned for its quality and excellent price. The company is now operating at 31 Friedland Avenue, Cyrildene.

What the Company Does

The Company is Gauteng-based close corporation that provides security systems to businesses and private clients. The business was registered in 2003 and it has been operational since then. Its main clients comprise of corporate clients, general public, dealers and installers. The company has positioned itself as a premium security systems provider. Our retail store based in Cyrildene sells to the general public, installers and other distributors.